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Kampot Sweet Boutique Hotel provides a luxurious setting inspired by Cambodia’s ancient forest and modern minimalism while allowing you to explore the untouched corners of the globe with all the comforts you would expect in a slice of paradise.

  • Buggies Tour | USD$85

    Don't miss the buggy tour if you are in KAMPOT
    We are cooperating with a tour company with a special offer: The buggy tour, quad bike, jetski safari, motocross tours, and speed boat charter in and around Kampot. If you are an adventure ... Read More

  • Bokor National Park | USD$80

    Kampot Day Tour "Bokor National Park" the journey will be rewarded with a lush forest, large rocks shaped like animals, and sailing junks, as well as a breathtaking panoramic view of the Kampot countryside, Sihanoukville, and the bright blue sea, ... Read More

  • Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island) | USD$70

    Koh Tonsay or Rabbit Island is not far if you are in KAMPOT
    Try a day trip tour package on the island. The sea was warm, and the drinks and food plentiful made by the villager and very traditional cooks. On the way, you will see the ... Read More

  • Trapeang Sangkae Eco Tourism | USD$20

    Spend your day visiting Trapeang Sangke Community is contributed to Cambodian livelihoods and climate change.
    Following Ambassador Tina’s meeting with the inspirational women climate champions, she visited Trapeang Sangke Community ... Read More